Solving problems


Hyperapps: a primitive for a new internet.

Developer Tools


Huffmate: A library containing a variety of hyper-optimized and secure contracts written in the Huff assembly language, enabling developers to build gas-efficient contracts without sacrificing development time

DPD: Pentagon's DPD (Decentralized Programmable Data) primitive written in Huff to achieve hyper-optimized code


Movemate: A library of innovative Move modules that enable developers to easily build powerful and secure applications on Move-powered blockchains

Movehat: An advanced typescript SDK for Sui Move blockchain development built on top of the official Sui TypeScript SDK

Open source examples


AMM: Move's first ever automated market maker, following a simple constant product curve

Multi-sig: An innovative multi-sig built in Move for the Sui and Aptos ecosystems

Oracles: Flexible, modern, and secure oracles written in Move


Governor of Venice: Governance of Venice is a revolutionary approach to DAO governance that introduces the concept of Guilds, functional groups within the DAO, in order to standardize the governance process

Some of our creations

Intrago: Platform for deploying and tokenizing unstoppable websites

Pay with Crypto: Pay with crypto at places like Amazon

Transcendence: Platform for capital deployment on-chain

Vortexes: Robust yield aggregator

Kevlar: A powerful crypto custody solution